Route 8 Will Transition to a New Name March 1

Metro’s “Egleston” route has been slated to be renamed as “Route 8 – Milwood”. The changeover began in February and will become permanent on March 1. Originally named due to heavily serving stops along Egleston Avenue, recent shifts in service eliminated stops along that street and expanded to others.

Serving multiple stops along Fulford Street and East Cork Street, Route 8 runs from downtown Kalamazoo to industrial businesses around Sprinkle Road and I-94. The Milwood route will retain its number (8) and distinctive purple color but riders may have noticed the signage changes in the last few weeks as Metro eases into the transition.

Check Track My Bus or the myStop Mobile app to see where the Milwood bus is going! If you have questions, please contact dispatch at (269) 337-8222.

Route 8 - Egleston/Milwood Map