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These schedules are effective 4/31/14.

Metro Transit provides fixed-route public transit service to the Kalamazoo urbanized area, consisting of the cities of Kalamazoo, Portage and Parchment and the townships of Comstock, Cooper, Kalamazoo, Texas and Oshtemo.

Metro Transit routes have frequencies of 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 45-minutes, and 60 minutes, depending on the time of day and the route. Listed below are the routes and their respective departures from downtown during peak hours (Monday - Friday 10 am - 3 pm and after 7:15 pm), non-peak hours, and Saturdays.

Metro Transit operates Monday - Saturday from 6 am to 10:15 pm. No Sunday service is provided.

The pdf System Route Map shows all of the bus routing throughout the Kalamazoo area.  The pdf Campus Map shows where buses travel throughout Western Michigan University's campus.

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Route #1 - Westnedge effective 9/6/16

pdf Route #1 - Westnedge - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Hardings on Howard, Meijer on Westnedge, and Crossroads Mall

 Route #2 - Portage effective 9/6/16

pdf Route #2 - Portage - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Milwood Elementary, Heritage Hills Apartments, Milwood Apartments, Washington Elementary, Washington Square Apartments, and Devonshire Apartments

 Route #3 - West Michigan effective 9/6/16

pdf Route #3 - West Michigan - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Western Michigan University's main campus at the Rood Hall Parking Lot, Lot #61, The Arboretum, Concord Apartments, Hardings on Drake, Westland Meadows, Village Apartments, West Main Mall, and Maple Hill Mall

 Route #4 - Oakland Effective 9/6/16

 pdfRoute #4 - Oakland - effective until 9/5/16

 Serving Parkview Hills Apartments, Evergreen South, Rosewood Complex, Parkview Hills, and Springmont and Madison

 Route #5 - East Main effective 9/6/16

pdf Route #5 - East Main - effective until 9/5/16

Serving East Main Street and Eastwood Plaza

 Route #6 - Parchment - effective 9/6/16

pdfRoute #6 - Parchment - effective until 9/5/16

Serving the City of Parchment, Barclay Hills, Parchment High School and Walmart on Gull and G Ave.

Route #7 - Alamo New Schedule Coming Soon

pdf Route #7 - Alamo - effective until 9/5/16

Serving the Metro Transit offices, Fox Ridge Apartments, Northwind Apartments, Hillside Middle School, Maple Hill Mall, and Kalamazoo Central High School

Route #8 - Egleston New Schedule Coming Soon

pdfRoute #8 - Egleston - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Cork & Fulford, Wings Stadium, Milwood Junior High, MRC, Washington Square Apartments, and the Industrial Park on Covington

 Route #9 - Gull - Effective 9/6/16

pdfRoute #9 - Gull - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Borgess Medical Center, New Horizon Village, Nazareth Center Complex, Meijer and Walmart on Gull Road

 Route #10 - Comstock - Effective 9/6/16

pdf Route #10 - Comstock - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Mayors' Riverfront Park, Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds, Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department, Kalamazoo County Jail, Comstock Adult Ed, and Meijer on Gull Road.

 Route #11 - Stadium - Effective 9/6/15

pdf Route #11 - Stadium- effective until 9/5/16

Serving Kalamazoo Valley Community College - Oshtemo Township Campus, Western Michigan University, and Evergreen South Apartments

 Route #12 - Duke effective 9/6/16

pdf Route #12 - Duke - effective until 9/5/16

Serving the YMCA, South Middle School, St. Monica's School, Hackett High School, Meijer on Westnedge, Candlewyck Apartments, Milham Park, Loy Norrix High School, and the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport

Route #13 - South Burdick New Schedule Coming Soon

pdf Route #13 - South Burdick - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Bronson Hospital, Sky Rise Apartments, Pathways, Michigan Works, Hilltop Apartments, Candlewyck Apartments, Meijer on Westnedge, and Goodwill Industries

Route #14 - West Main New Schedule Coming Soon

pdf Route #14 - West Main - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Maple Hill Mall, Meijer on West Main, Friendship Village, and Evergreen North Apartments

 Route #15 - Paterson effective 9/6/16

pdf  Route #15 - Paterson - effective unti 9/5/16

Serving the Metro Transit office, Douglas Community Center, Interfaith Homes, Lincoln School, North Christian School, and the Northside Prep School

 Route #16 - Lovell effective 9/6/16

pdf  Route #16 - Lovell - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Kalamazoo City hall, Oak and Lovell, 58 West Apartments, and Western Michigan University's main campus at the Rood Hall Parking Lot, Lot #61

Route #21 - Solon Kendall Lafayette New Schedule Coming Soon

pdf Route #21 - Solon Kendall Lafayette - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Western Michigan University's main campus at the Rood Hall Parking Lot, Lot #61, Kendall Manor, Whitehall Apartments, and the Landing Apartments, Fraternity Village, Greenwood, and Knollwood Apartments when WMU is in session during Fall/Spring Semesters.

Route #26 - West Centre New Schedule Coming Soon

pdf Route #26 - West Centre - effective until 9/5/16

Serving the Rosewood Complex, Anna's Vineyard, Milham Meadows, Crossroads Mall, Romence and Oakland, and Borgess at Woodbridge

Route #27 - East Romence New Schedule Coming Soon

pdf  Route #27 - East Romence - effective until 9/5/16

Serving Crossroads Mall, Portage & Romence, Portage Industrial Park, Milham & Meredith, Portage City Hall, Walmart, and Meijer on Shaver