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Bus Advertising

Metro advertises 21 fixed routes throughout Kalamazoo County. A total of 43 vehicles are available with outside and inside ad space. For advertising information, contact Mesmerize at (502) 292-9698 or email at

Mesmerize is a specialty out-of-home advertising company focused in three primary areas: transit, point of care, and point-of-sale. Mesmerize is headquartered in New York, NY with an office dedicated to transit in Indianapolis, IN. For more information, please visit Mesmerize website.

Current Bidding Opportunities

This link provides the current opportunities to sell materials or services to the City of Kalamazoo. Bids are accepted until the closing date, which is when all submitted bids are opened and evaluated. Once a bid has been awarded the listing will be updated to reflect the winning bidder and details.

see Current Bidding Opportunities

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DBE Program – October 2018
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FTA Requirements
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