6/21: Route 15 – Paterson will be operating on a detour due to a sewer break on Woodward Ave. We are unable to service the area between W Prouty St and W Paterson St.
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What is Microtransit?

MATS – Muskegon, Michigan: Website

The Rapid – Grand Rapids, Michigan: Website

SMART – Detroit, Michigan: Website

Sample of Microtransit using VIA: Video

What is a Comprehensive Operational Analysis?

Every ten years Metro takes a look at the transit system and looks at ways to improve. This includes both our fixed route system and Metro Connect, our paratransit on-demand service. The current Comprehensive Operational Analysis started in October 2021 with an expected completion date of December 2022. Below are resources for the project:

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Adopted CCTA 2024-2025 Budget
7.6 MB
Adopted CCTA 2023-2024 Budget
6.9 MB
Adopted CCTA 2022-2023 Budget
6.9 MB
Adopted CCTA 2021-2022 Budget
7.2 MB
Adopted CCTA 2020-2021 Budget
4.7 MB
Overview of Comprehensive Operational Analysis - Board Presentation February 2022
3.3 MB
Financial Audits
2023 KCTA Audit
2.6 MB
2023 CCTA Audit
4.0 MB
CCTA Pension Annual Report 2021
303.6 KB
Pension Plan Annual Report, 12/31/2020
319.2 KB
2022 CCTA Audit
643.6 KB
2021 CCTA Audit
951.4 KB
2020 CCTA Audit
967.3 KB
2019 CCTA Audit
4.4 MB
Annual Reports
2023 Annual Report
3.7 MB
2022 Annual Report
2.5 MB
2021 Annual Report
4.1 MB
2020 Special Annual Report
2.3 MB
2019 Annual Report
3.0 MB
Kalamzoo County Transportation Authority Bylaws
2.3 MB
Public Transportation Authority Act
1.9 MB
2015 Comprehensive Transition Agreement
5.0 MB
CCTA Pension Plan
495.8 KB
CCTA Bylaws
1.2 MB
Kalamazoo County Transportation Authority Article of Incorporation
1.3 MB
Central County Transportation Authority Articles of Incorporation
1.2 MB
Coordinated Plan
2021 PTHS Coordinated Plan
1.1 MB
Transit Asset Management Plan September 2022
582.0 KB
Americans with Disabilities ACT Certification Application
736.6 KB
CCTA Direct Deposit Form
50.8 KB
CCTA Address Change Form – Retirees
454.5 KB

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