Metro Share

For Agencies Serving Seniors and Individuals With Disabilities

The Metro Share Program is a specialized service providing vehicles to approved agencies serving seniors and individuals with disabilities at no cost. Approved agencies include:

  • Governmental organizations
  • Non-profits serving seniors and individuals with disabilities
  • Other Metro-approved agencies

This program is partially funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation and has nine ADA-compliant vehicles available for agency use located in Portage, Vicksburg and Metro in Kalamazoo. Volunteer drivers -trained and certified by Metro staff- use the vehicles to transport individuals up to 60 miles from Kalamazoo (remaining in the State of Michigan). Vans are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis and the program is designed to complement existing Metro services.

For more information, download the Metro Share Brochure

To begin the process, please call (269) 337-8222.

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Metro Share Program Requirements
  • Service to be provided must serve the transportation needs of senior persons and/or person with disabilities. Public service must be ‘incidental’ per FTA C9070.1F.
  • Service supported by the local coordinating committee and transit agency in a coordinated plan.
  • Service that does not duplicate or replace existing services funded from other sources.
  • Service within the legal service area with proper authority. (60-mile radius and must be registered, and certified, with the Metro Share Program).
  • There is no existing public transportation or Paratransit (e.g., ADA Paratransit, fixed route, dial-a-ride services) in the proposed project service area available to serve the described target population.
  • Available public transportation and Paratransit services are insufficient to meet the needs of the target population or equipment needs replacement to ensure continuance of service. (Examples: service at capacity, service parameters, routes, hours, need not met due to eligibility and/or trip criteria, projected future need, vehicles inaccessible, etc.)
  • Target population has unique or special needs, which are difficult or impossible to serve on available public transportation and/or paratransit. Example: lack of wheelchair accessibility.
  • Non-Emergency Transportation

Metro Share may not be used for the following:

  • Service exclusively for Meal Delivery (Meals on Wheels, etc.)
  • Service available by any non-profit organization that can provide the special service requested.
  • Service to be used to engage in charter services as stated in 49 CFR part 604 unless permitted by FTA charter service regulations.
  • Service to be used for exclusive school bus transportation for school students and school personnel as stated in Section 5323 (f) of title 49 U.S. C.

The Federal government, through FTA, provides financial assistance to develop new transit systems and improve, maintain, and operate existing systems. These grant recipients are responsible for managing their programs in accordance with Federal requirements, and FTA is responsible for ensuring that grantees follow Federal statutory and administrative requirements.

Agency and Driver Requirements

Becoming a Participant

  1. Recruit Drivers (Agency is responsible to find drivers, either paid employees or volunteers)
  2. Complete the Application Process (Agency Participation Agreement, Driver Application, Criminal History Background Check – – see ‘Forms and Policies’)
  3. Attend Driver Orientation

Driver Requirements

  • Courtesy: Drivers need to be courteous with everyone they encounter.
  • Knowledgeable: Drivers must understand and abide by the rules and regulations of program.
  • Physical Requirements: Drivers must be physically capable of operating and securing a mobility device.
  • Medications: Drivers must report the use of all medications.
Training Schedule

New Driver Orientation Schedule – For upcoming dates, please contact (269) 337-8858.

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