Metro Link Map - Explore the Areas Covered and Points of Interest

It is all about location, location, location…

Metro Link was launched on April 15, 2024, and has been favorably received in the early stages of the pilot program. However, Metro Link is a different kind of public transportation and comes with lots of questions. The most frequently asked questions are regarding service areas and where riders can travel with Link.

Think of Link as an extension of the fixed-route bus system. Kalamazoo County is large and it is difficult to provide sustainable traditional public transportation to all areas. Link is designed to connect riders in those areas to the fixed-route bus system and access to their immediate community within their specific zone.

What Are the Zones?

Curious about the area each Link zone covers and points of interest? Check out the Metro Link Service Zones map below. The area outlined in white is Metro’s full service area with each Link zone defined: East (Orange), West (Blue) and South (Purple). A downloadable PDF is also available here!



Metro Link ALL Zones Map with Link Info and QR to Scan for App Download