Bid Opportunities

Bid Opportunities

Purchasing information

Purchases over $25,000 for Metro are handled by the City of Kalamazoo Purchasing Department. Please see below for information on contracts and bid opportunities.

Contract information

The contractor, sub-recipient, or subcontractor shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in the performance of this contract. The contractor shall carry out applicable requirements of 49 CFR part 26 in the award and administration of DOT-assisted contracts. Failure by the contractor to carry out these requirements is a material breach of this contract, which may result in the termination of this contract or such other remedy as the recipient deems appropriate.

The prime contractor agrees to pay each subcontractor under this prime contract for satisfactory performance of its contract no later than thirty (30) days from the receipt of each payment the prime contract receives from Metro Transit. The prime contractor agrees further to return retainage payments to each subcontractor within thirty (30) days after the subcontractor's work is satisfactorily completed. Any delay or postponement of payment from the above-referenced time frame may occur only for good cause following written approval of Metro Transit. This clause applies to both DBE and non-DBE subcontracts. Non-compliance with this clause will be considered default under the contract.

Current Bid Opportunities

This link provides the current opportunities to sell materials or services to the City of Kalamazoo. Bids are accepted until the closing date, which is when all submitted bids are opened and evaluated. Once a bid has been awarded the listing will be updated to reflect the winning bidder and details. 

The Central County Transportation Authority encourages businesses to register to receive bid announcements directly via email.  Please fill out the information form below to be added to the email list.  Should you wish to be removed from the email list, please complete the form and check the appropriate box.  Questions about bid opportunities can be directed to (269) 337-8222.

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