Rules of Conduct

Metro Rules of Conduct

Metro wants all riders to feel safe and comfortable while using public transportation. If you are a rider you are required to follow these 16 rules of conduct. Please note that all Metro buses are equipped with video recording devices. You may be recorded while traveling on our buses.

  1. Appropriate fare payment including cash, tokens or passes, is expected at time of boarding.
  2. No smoking.
  3. No eating or drinking.
  4. No spitting.
  5. No possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances.
  6. No weapons of any kind, or possession of any hazardous material, unless in possession of a permit to do so, or otherwise permitted by law.
  7. No disorderly, loud or disruptive behavior.
  8. No loitering.  Passengers will be asked to exit the bus after completing the duration of one round trip.
  9. Use of sound-producing devices without headphones is prohibited.
  10. No panhandling, soliciting, harassing, annoying, or intimidating any person.
  11. Wearing of shirts and shoes is required.
  12. Animals are prohibited except those used for service or those being transported in enclosed crates.
  13. Large bulky items such as strollers, carts or buggies should be folded before boarding and stored out of the aisle.
  14. After exiting the bus, passengers should wait for the bus to pass before crossing the street.  Do not cross in front of the bus.
  15. Transfers should be requested when boarding and may be used at any bus stop.
  16. Transfers are valid for 60 minutes from the time shown, or for the next connecting bus and will not be accepted if they are folded, rolled or torn.

Rules of Conduct for the Kalamazoo Transportation Center

The Kalamazoo Transportation Center is governed by the City of Kalamazoo Ordinance 1844.  To see the full ordinance Click Here

General rules of the Kalamazoo Transportation Center include:

Persons otherwise lawfully upon the KTC premises shall not:

  1. obstruct entrances and exits to the KTC building or rooms within the building;  
  2. operate any sound-producing or sound amplifying device unless headphones are used;
  3. be barefooted or shirtless;  
  4. possess a dangerous weapon unless in possession of a permit to do so, or otherwise permitted by law;  
  5. sleep or lie down on benches, chairs or the floor;  
  6. ride a bicycle, cause a bicycle to be inside the KTC building, or cause a bicycle to remain at the KTC premises for more than twenty-four hours; bicycles that remain at the KTC premises in excess of twenty-four hours shall be deemed abandoned and may be removed by the City;  
  7. use the restroom facilities for other than for customary restroom purposes, which purposes do not include, among others, the use of sinks, toilets or other sources of water for bathing or the washing of clothing;  
  8. smoke;
  9. consume or possess alcoholic beverages for which the container’s seal has been broken;  
  10. use or occupy an area in violation of a posted sign regarding permitted or prohibited uses of said area;
  11. leave a bag or similar container of personal belongings outside their immediate control and possession;
  12. Solicit money or objects of value in any manner, including but not limited to as addressed in section 22-18 of the Kalamazoo City Code, or offer to others goods or services, including entertainment, whether or not compensation or donation is sought;
  13. Fight, quarrel or create a disturbance, as addressed in sections 22-30 and 22-50 of the Kalamazoo City Code;  
  14. be accompanied by any animal except for leader dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, service dogs for disabled persons, or when secured in a transportable cage.
  15. Distribute literature or solicit signatures unless outside and to the south of the KTC building and more than 15 feet from any door to the KTC building or to any bus.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Officers are on-site at the Kalamazoo Transportation Center.  Upon request from a Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer, having probable cause to believe that a violation of this Chapter or other City ordinance has occurred, a person upon the KTC premises shall provide information establishing that their presence complies with this ordinance. Persons unable or unwilling to provide such information may be directed by the Public Safety Officer to leave the premises. Failure to immediately leave the KTC premises as directed by a Public Safety Officer is a misdemeanor.

The process of being banned from the Kalamazoo Transportation Center and requesting hearings and appeals is contained with Ordinance 1844.

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