Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)

Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)

We Heard From You! 

During June and July, we are working on the draft report for the analysis.  More information will be coming soon.  Thank you to those who reached out to talk about Metro's service to the community.  While we look at future routes, we consider:

  • Easy access to route from surrounding neighborhoods

  • Be intuitive to understand

  • Share a robust mix of the types of destinations that tend to generate a high number of transit trips (multi-family housing, grocery and retail centers, medical facilities, academic institution, etc.)

More information the proposed scenarios as of May 10 is available at the following link:

Maps of Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 - Download PDF

Additional Resources:

What is Microtransit?  

MATS - Muskegon, Michigan:
The Rapid - Grand Rapids, Michigan website:
SMART - Detroit, Michigan website:

Sample of Microtransit using VIA:


What is a Comprehensive Operational Analysis?

Every ten years Metro takes a look at the transit system and looks at ways to improve.  This includes both our fixed route system and Metro Connect, our paratransit on-demand service.  The current Comprehensive Operational Analysis started in October 2021 with an expected completion date of December 2022.  Below are resources for the project:

2010 Comprehensive Operational Analysis - Download

Overview of Comprehensive Operational Analysis - Board Presentation February 2022 - Download


Project Manager:  Kathy Schultz, Planning and Development Manager - (269) 337-8233

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